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Counteracting a Sedentary Job Role

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Counteracting a Sedentary Job Role

Posted by Scott - Wed, October 03, 2018

I believe that it's very important to have that 'work / life' balance and encourage the necessity of having and enjoying your own time, either side of the working day. Not only does this keep you healthy, both mentally and physically, but I also believe that it helps with creativity too.

I usually rise around 5.20am and head to Chalkwell beach for a 2-3 mile run before heading home to get ready for the day ahead. I then start my early morning walk to the studio, from Belfairs to the Broadway, which is around 40 mins.

Upon getting to Leigh Broadway, a quick visit to the Corner Club is the order of the day with a fresh, skinny latte and a quick catch up on social media.

Thereafter and studio bound, my day begins around 9am with the daily duties of being a web designer and developer and working on client projects, updating and maintaining current websites and keeping the administration in check.

Lunchtime, I try and head out and catch up on any books that I'm reading; I'm currenty reading `Eat, Move, Sleep' by Tom Rath, before heading back to the studio to continue the second half of the day and the rest of my work commitments.

Around 5.30pm, I power down and make the same walk back home to where I live, in Belfairs.  Once home, I try and fit in a light weights session before spending some much earned time with my family.

I have been following this regime for near on two years now, as well as following a healthy eating plan and believe this has helped with not only my health and wellbeing but also my productivity and concentration levels too - I would recommend something similar to anyone working in a sedentary job role.

Prior to this, I was not only overweight, but constantly tired and lacked energy and motivation. Since then, I have shed near on five stone and have a new lease of life and a whole new level of energy.

I sincerely hope this can inspire and motivate anyone in a similar situation and would be happy to share any knowledge or answer any questions - drop me an email here.

The picture above is a picture taken on the walk to the studio this morning; Belfairs Park, Leigh on Sea around 7.45am. 

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