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Updating ExpressionEngine

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Updating ExpressionEngine

Posted by Scott - Mon, July 03, 2017

ExpressionEngine 3 has been around for some time now and the features and capabilities are a lot more powerful than it's predecessors. So, how do you go about updating?

We have been involved now in many upgrades, in fact we are in the process of a few right now. Some have been relatively straight forward and some have been a real headache, particularly the installations that have had a ton of third party plug-ins and modules.

We tend to judge each EE update on it's own merit. All updates will involve a detailed amount of strategic planning and an upgrade plan in to place. Some we have ported some of the plug-ins so that they are adapted to EE3, some we have completely rewritten areas of content, or painstakingly imported data and re-entered.

One project in particular was an EE1 install which we succesfully updated to EE3. Although it did take some time, along with some careful planning, the update went ahead relatively smoothly.

We can help with updating your EE installation and would be happy to put an estimate together for you. Should you be interested, feel free to drop us a line.

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